It started like a doodle, believe me… I couldn’t handle it I swear!!

Fancy Tibbers ~ ♥

Requested by shy-like-a-kiwi

King Thranduil doodle ~ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I never draw Sasuke, so, let’s give him a try!

Requested by asamino ~

Arcade Sona ~

Requested by arcadesonas ~

Requests still open guys!  Please don’t ask in Anon mode, so I can promote your Tumblr ~ ♥

I have to admit it was fun to draw this character ~

Requests still open!!

Don’t make your requests like Anon, so I can promote your tumblr ;-)  (I’m getting tired of anons…)

Avoiding homework :-D

Some Minotaurs ~

Happy Bloody Moon!
(unfortunately I discovered that my dad was joking. He didn’t took that picture :-/  I’m really sorry right now…)

I’m sorry guys!!!

I’m so sorry I haven’t  answered to any of your requests! I’m pretty bussy with homework right now. But I swear I will do the sketches soon. Just wait a little bit more, please. :*) THANKS FOR BEING SUCH A GREAT PUBLIC! ♥

First Mikasa doodle ~ 


I don’t wanna do homewoooooorrrkkkkk !!!

Attack on Cupcakes ~ ♥

That day, humanity received a sweet reminder…

I’m not sure if you remember that I commented that there were little Lacewing larvae on my plants. Well I was closing my window last night and just saw a Lacewing emerging from it’s cocoon ~ ! I’m sorry I had to use the flash, otherwise you could not see it :*)

They eat the aphids that are on my plants and paste their exoskeleton together making a little ball of dead aphids :-) . They’re also cannibals :-D

This is like the first time I draw Sasori with all the details, I’m not  his number one fan I guess :-P

Sasori, requested by Anon ~

Another Kaliel doodle ~ ♥

Workin’ my OC’s Tumblr page

  • Kaliel is a character of Marichuloca, don’t use without permission.

More doodles of my dear Alec ~ ♥

Enjoy !

©MARICHULOCA/Andrea Hernández