Part 2 of the merman scene ~ ♥

Wow, I did paint it ~ ♥ A little bloddy I guess hehehe…. but that’s the reality.

Gonna paint this, yeah! ~

the centaurs are not the only victims of the black market staff :-/

The mermaids/mermans are well sold, mostly because of their fins, scales, skin and meat.

Noup, sorry ~♥  but for now, requests are closed, I will answer the remaining ones, no worries…. the inspiration came to me to make another drawings. Good news: I have new ideas on my mind for my slave demon ♥ ♥ 

My pleasure ~

requested by dictatorgumballs ~

It’s hard to draw the characters like him who look really young ~

requested by ask-dexyu ~

Of course dear ~

requested by ameltedkitkat ~

lick his scars :-P****

requested by hellopeekaboo ~

Thank you! anatomy is what I practice the most ;-) mostly because I love how graceful and harmonious the animal/human figure can be. I don’t know if you get my point, the thing is, I guess we all love to see a picture that even being static, gives us the impression of movement, and that’s what I want to do everytime I draw anatomy ~ ♥  It’s hard to express not in my language. jejeje

requested by micailah ~

I miss Ed, you know ~ ♥

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Sexy and great ;-P ~ ♥

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Yum ~ Requested by veddok ~

Thanks! I’m glad you like my art ;-D  Jeje you don’t have to be shy with me! I don’t bite… that hard  :-/

Bite me ~ ♥

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Beautiful request! by lonqutiepatootie ~